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At JSR Abogados we offer comprehensive services to provide an effective solution to corporate clients, with national and transnational operations.


We have become a permanent external legal resource for our clients, safeguarding their interests through timely and professional attention to each and every one of the matters entrusted to us.
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At JSR ABOGADOS we have extensive experience in each of the legal practices. Our experienced lawyers have successfully helped dozens of important companies in the State of Queretaro.
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Extrajudicial Management and Collection
  • Lease Legal Protection

18 Years of legal experience in Quéretaro

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Civil and Commercial Law
Attention to matters related to civil and commercial issues.
Labor Law
Conflict management acting as advisors for our clients to prevent contingencies.
Corporate Law
General corporate advisory, in the structuring, formation, implementation, corporate governance, etc. stages.
Criminal Law
Positive results in the repair of damages caused by criminal conduct.
Immigration Law
JSR Abogados, provides immigration services to clients, whether they are multinational companies or individuals.
Extrajudicial Management and Collection
Based on individualized search and collection and telephone calls.
Lease Legal Protection
It is a service that provides benefits for all parties involved in a REAL ESTATE LEASE.
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Attention and service of excellence to all our national and international clients


  • What is our work process?
    Simple steps to solve your legal problems in the State of Queretaro.

    • 1.- Definition of objectives and preliminary analysis.
    • 2.- Short and long term results methodology.
    • 3.- Strategy for the fulfillment of goals.
    • 4.-Report of actions, contingencies and achievements.
  • What do we offer our clients?

    At JSR Abogados we offer comprehensive services to provide solutions to individuals and corporations in national and transnational matters. In order to provide specialized solutions, we have an established praxis to provide an excellent service.

    Our law firm is comprised of a solid team of professionals who provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to matters, guaranteeing success. All of them, in addition to their solid professional experience, have worked in different areas or in the most important law firms in Queretaro.


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    We are always ready to achieve the highest indicators of effectiveness based on a correct execution of the strategy and follow-up of our clients' goals.

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