Criminal Law

Derecho Penal

Positive results in repairing damages caused by criminal conduct, as well as in obtaining favorable resolutions to arbitrary or unsubstantiated accusations.

In view of this, we specialize in crime:

  • Prosecutors.
  • Equity investments.
  • Financial.

In the first instance, it is important to illustrate that criminal services can be provided as legal advisor and also as defense, in the understanding that we have the experience to assist the Public Prosecutor's Office in the denunciation and investigation of criminal acts, as well as to defend those accusations made by the prosecutors for the alleged commission of criminal acts.

We seek the satisfaction of the claims of our clients, which is why, as far as possible, we involve our clients in making decisions that could satisfy their interests, since in the accusatory criminal system there are different alternative and anticipated exits to end the procedure that require the consent of the victim of the crime and even the participation of the accused, which is why we seek to offer all possible mechanisms to ensure a prompt justice and according to the needs of our clients.

How can we help you?

  • Reparation of Damages for Criminal Conduct.
  • Tax, Property and Financial Crimes.
  • Legal Counsel.

Work Process

  1. Definition of objectives and preliminary analysis.
  2. Short and long term results methodology.
  3. Strategy for meeting goals.
  4. Report of actions, contingencies and achievements.

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