Extrajudicial Management and Collection

Gestion Extrajudicial y cobranza

Based on the search and individualized collection that is generated from the home visits of the preferred creditor or joint obligors, generating a personalized strategy for phone calls and timely follow-up to the different situations of each borrower, in order to obtain the best solution for our client, even in cases where it is essential for the company to maintain the business relationship with its debtors.

As part of our legal services, we carry out a complete study of each matter entrusted to us in order to be able to offer solution options, both in and out of court.

As well as to glimpse the possible contingencies and solutions according to the environment of each particular case, submitting to our client's consideration a range of possibilities based on a broad vision of the cost-benefit ratio that each one of them would imply.

How can we help you?

  • Home collection.
  • Telephone collection.
  • Collection follow-up.
  • Study for an effective collection.

Work Process

  1. Definition of objectives and preliminary analysis.
  2. Short and long term results methodology.
  3. Strategy for meeting goals.
  4. Report of actions, contingencies and achievements.

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