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Derecho migratorio

JSR Lawyers, provides immigration services to clients, whether they are multinational companies that need our support to bring their expatriate personnel to reside in Mexico, as well as to individuals who require advice in order to reside in the country, temporarily or permanently, or even to acquire Mexican nationality.

We provide support from obtaining the employer's registration certificate from the Mexican entities, as well as the Temporary and Permanent Resident documents for the foreign employees of our corporate clientele, as well as in the counseling to determine the best way for retired foreigners to legally reside in the country, as well as in the processing and dispatch of the various permits required for the legal stay of foreigners in the country.

How can we help you?

  • Migratory Services.
  • Bringing your expatriate personnel to live in Mexico.
  • Acquisition of Mexican nationality.
  • Paperwork for temporary residents.

Work Process

  1. Definition of objectives and preliminary analysis.
  2. Short and long term results methodology.
  3. Strategy for meeting goals.
  4. Report of actions, contingencies and achievements.

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